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Practical Construction Law Representation

Attorney Justin Davis has more than 20 years of experience practicing construction law in Arizona, with a focus on representing developers. His work saves his clients significant time and money, helping to make sure their projects finish on time and within budget.

Solutions For Any Construction Law Problem

A commercial construction project involves numerous parties, each of which has contractual obligations and expectations to be fulfilled. It is all too common for two or more parties to get into a dispute that can potentially derail the entire project. Mr. Davis knows how to resolve real-world conflicts efficiently while also preserving his clients’ reputations and financial interests. For example, he helps his clients in disputes over:

  • Scope of work conflicts
  • Payment and mechanic’s liens
  • Construction defects

Mr. Davis is resourceful and able to handle complex litigation on behalf of large development firms. As a solo practitioner, he gives each case he accepts the full benefit of his knowledge of the law and on-the-ground realities of the construction business. His clients avoid the type of dragged-out, bitter litigation that can cripple a medium to large business.

Construction defects can emerge years after the project was finished. One of the largest challenges is to identify which contractor or subcontractor is responsible while avoiding or minimizing the developer’s liability. The Law Offices of Justin R. Davis, PLLC, evaluates each construction defect case closely for evidence that other attorneys might miss. Mr. Davis is known for reaching acceptable solutions in even the most difficult and high-stakes disputes.

Protecting Businesses In Arizona’s Construction Industry

Developers and other business owners in need of a lawyer to resolve a construction law problem should call 623-499-3607 the Law Offices of Justin R. Davis, PLLC, in Peoria, Arizona. The firm can also be reached via email.