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Have you perfected the art of selling commercial property?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2019 | Business & Commercial Law

Instead of buying commercial property in Arizona, you are in the market to sell property. To make the most of your time and find truly interested buyers, you have got to know how to attract the type of buyer you desire.

Forbes provides tips for grabbing and keeping buyers’ attention. Learn how to stand out in the crowded commercial real estate market.

Create a “rough draft” of your ideal buyer

If you do not already have a concrete idea of the type of buyer you see yourself working with, sit down and sketch one out. Would you like to sell your property to an up-and-coming business owner or an investor? Maybe you would feel better about working with someone who takes pride in the property.

Learn how to get your property in front of target buyers

Yours is not the only commercial property available. When you paint a picture of your ideal buyer, the next step is to determine how to attract that type of buyer. Do some research to see where such buyers look for your type of property and what makes them jump at an opportunity without a second thought.

Craft your selling hook

It is not enough to simply tell buyers that your property is on the market, you have got to give them a reason to stop what they are doing and immediately check out your property. Determine what makes your property unique or desirable. Is it the location? Is it similar to another desirable commercial property that recently sold?

Create a contact information database

Once you start attracting buyers, ask for their contact information and start building a database. Even if they decide to keep looking at properties after seeing yours, they may know of other possibly interested buyers.

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