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Respected Real Estate Development Attorney

Attorney Justin Davis is one of the leading attorneys in Arizona in the field of real estate law related to commercial land use. Mr. Davis has more than 20 years of experience representing developers, buyers, landlords and tenants. His clients rely on his representation to create a legal framework for success in their field, especially the highly competitive real estate development industry.

Lawyer Representing Major Arizona Commercial Developers

At the Law Offices of Justin R. Davis, PLLC, Mr. Davis assists his clients at every step of the real estate development process, including:

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Securing financing and reviewing leasing documents, as well as land use documents and titlement
  • Zoning issues
  • Environmental regulations
  • Leases

Besides helping negotiate a fair purchase price for the undeveloped plot, Mr. Davis wlll make sure the land’s title is clear and that there are no easements or other land use obstacles that would prevent his client from developing the property as planned. In addition, he helps with the rezoning process when necessary. His clients’ financial interests and long-term health are his top priorities.

Other Real Estate Law Services

In addition, Mr. Davis represents businesses in their real estate transactions. He negotiates and reviews real estate purchases and leases to ensure legal compliance and that the documents accurately reflect the parties’ intentions. His clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that the risk of litigation is minimal thanks to Mr. Davis’ experience and focus. And he represents property owners in foreclosure proceedings.

Contact A Dependable Real Estate Attorney

To schedule an appointment with Justin Davis regarding his representation of developers and other Arizona companies in their real estate matters, please call the Law Offices of Justin R. Davis, PLLC at 623-499-3607. Or email the firm to get started. The Law Offices of Justin R. Davis, PLLC are located in Peoria, Arizona. Mr. Davis represents clients in the Phoenix area and throughout Arizona.