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What should I do before buying commercial real estate?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Real Estate & Development

Investing in commercial real estate is a smart way for businesses to expand and grow. However, you must make the right decisions before agreeing to a real estate transaction to ensure your investment is sound. This requires proper planning and preparation, as explained by Forbes. 

For example, you must consider the type of real estate you need, which ranges from industrial to retail to multifamily rental properties. You must also ensure the property you are considering is structurally sound, which entails working with a structural engineer to assess it before you buy. Here are a few other important steps to take to rest assured you made the best decision. 

Secure financing

You should have a good idea of your financing options before making an offer on a piece of property. Sellers are more likely to accept your offer when they can rest assured you have the financing available to complete the deal. Even a delay in securing financing can decrease your chances, especially when the building you are interested in is a hot commodity. 

Research permits and titles

You may need a certain type of permit to operate your business out of the property you buy, so make sure that process is well underway as you are looking for suitable locations. Additionally, the titles for the building must be rigorously researched and evaluated to ensure there are no problems linked to it. If there are title defects, such as outstanding liens, they will become your responsibility once the building is yours. 

Assess risk

There is always risk involved when purchasing commercial real estate. Performing due diligence will give you an idea of the level of risk and whether the investment is worth it. When reviewing a building, look into invoices for maintenance, utility costs, profit and loss statements, taxes, and other documents that paint a picture of financial status. This information will provide an idea of whether a property is a sound investment.