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What do you need to know about zoning districts?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2022 | Real Estate & Development

Part of the overall success of some businesses falls on the location. Setting up in a highly trafficked or easily accessible area versus a location with little or no parking, for instance, may better your ability to gain a foothold in the community and your market.

When looking for the ideal space to operate, you will likely run into the term zoning. Due to its importance, you should understand the city’s zoning designations and what they mean for your business before choosing your location.

Defining land uses

According to the city of Peoria, zoning districts designate the allowed land uses for particular areas. Each district type allows different primary and accessory uses. The district type also determines the development standards for the land. For example, this includes dictating the allowed heights of buildings and structures, lot size, lot coverage, setbacks and screening. Zoning designations include residential, industrial, commercial and mixed-use.

Running a business in a residential area

Set aside for multi- and single-family homes, residential areas typically do not allow businesses to operate from included properties. Under some circumstances, however, the city will let you run your business from your home. To do so lawfully, you will need to meet the specified criteria and obtain the necessary licensing. Further, the operation of your business as a home occupation cannot increase the neighborhood’s activity level.

The zoning of the land you choose for your business location may significantly affect your ability to and the way in which you operate. Therefore, you will likely benefit from understanding what the designations of residential, industrial or commercial mean for your situation.