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What should you know about commercial zoning?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2023 | Business & Commercial Law

All buildings within a town or city have to abide by zoning laws. This defines the sort of activities that may take place on a building’s property. Typical zones include commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential.

In commercially zoned areas, common property types include offices, shops, restaurants and hotels. Thus, those who plan on opening any of these businesses should understand commercial zoning laws.

What does zoning determine?

Maricopa County lists its different forms of zoning. Within each county, different zoning laws may apply. In this area, small retail shops have a different zoning district than businesses that offer professional services. This often helps keep a more cohesive appearance throughout the city.

In addition to determining the businesses allowed within certain zones and where those zones exist, zoning laws also deal with landscaping at times. Some zoning ordinances require that a parking lot include a certain amount of green space, for example, and this space must have appropriate maintenance.

Zoning and ADA compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) also influences many ordinances, especially in new buildings. Buildings must have a level of ADA compliance, allowing for the property to remain accessible to people with disabilities. This includes accessible walkways and entrances, accessible parking, and accessible bathrooms. It also includes accessible ways to move through the building itself if it has multiple floors or extends across a great space.

Understanding what the zoning laws will demand of a business can help business owners prepare well in advance. It will save time and money to know what to expect before beginning to build.