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What can you do in a property boundary dispute?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2020 | Firm News

Unfortunately, property lines and the people who occupy them do not always agree with each other, resulting in a little bit of a property dispute. Before really endeavoring in a property dispute, you must consider the financial and the emotional cost of litigating and winding up in court over a property line or other property aspect. It is crucial that you understand exactly how strong or weak your case might be before proceeding. If you have a weak case, it is better to know it now than to find out with an unfavorable judgment after a lot of time and money has been spent in the courtroom. But if you have a strong case in your own firm ground, you need to proceed and try to force the other person into settling and reach a resolution that is favorable. 

In order to properly survey any property, especially one that is involved in a property dispute, a thorough analysis of all the property lines must be made. According to FindLaw, this includes the subject property as well as all adjacent properties. There are many various factors that will affect the location of your property. For example, neighboring properties may have a common boundary that is undisputed on paper, but some at some point in the past, the line has been improperly marked on the ground, thus causing a dispute. 

So a key role of the land surveyor in a property dispute is bringing each party to an understanding as to what these various property line elements are. In a boundary dispute, a surveyor must be an impartial expert on measurement and boundary analysis.