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Arizona Commercial Litigator With More Than 20 Years Of Experience

Disputes are inevitable in business. What separates successful Arizona businesses from the rest is how they deal with conflict – both resolving issues as they arise and taking steps to minimize the risk of future litigation.

Attorney Justin R. Davis has advised business owners and practiced complex litigation for more than 20 years. At Law Offices of Justin R. Davis, PLLC, he helps companies throughout Arizona protect their bottom line as well as their rights. He provides cost-effective, sustainable solutions to the disputes that require experienced legal counsel.

Representing Businesses In Litigation Matters

Among the issues Mr. Davis assists his corporate clients with, there are:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Customer
  • Employment law issues, such as nondisclosure agreement breaches and whistleblower claims
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Intellectual property disputes

As more and more business is conducted online, a company’s intellectual property is its most valuable asset. Besides guiding his clients through the process of preserving their trademarks, patents, customer data and other sensitive information, Mr. Davis litigates complex IP disputes. He represents plaintiffs and defendants in this often technical and complex area of commercial law. In the process, he saves his clients considerable time and money.

Justin Davis’ decades of practical courtroom experience allows him to negotiate from a position of strength. He represents his clients with a clear view of their long-term requirements as well as their financial interests. Business owners trust Mr. Davis with their legal conflicts because he solves their problems the first time.

Learn More About Justin R. Davis

Contact Law Offices of Justin R. Davis, PLLC, to schedule a consultation with attorney Justin Davis. Call 623-499-3607 to reach the firm’s office in Peoria, Arizona.